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Welcome to Mini Club Serbia
« : март 03, 2010, 23:20:42 »

and thank you for visiting us. Unfortunately, not all people in the world speak Serbian    so you will probably be tempted to leave without saying a word - please don't !

first, register:
go to "registracija"

field 1: username
field 2: e-mail
field 3: password
field 4: confirm password
field 5: captcha (type the letters from the picture)
field 6: the car you are driving

check "slazem se" and click on "registracija"

you will receive an activation e-mail - just click on the link inside the email.

then, change your language like this:
go to "profil" tab, then find "Podešavanja vezana za nalog" on the left, and then under "Izabrani jezik" change to English, Greek, Macedonian, Slovenian, etc...

then you can be more comfortable and come back here and post in english.
"It's simple and amazing car" - Paddy Hopkirk